Coffee Meets Table?

Finding the right interior designer is a bit like finding the right significant other: firstly you have to find “THE ONE” that ticks all your boxes, then you have to build a close relationship with them, and most importantly – it is a lot to do with investing time, effort, (and money) into it.

If only there was a Tinder or Coffee Meets Bagel to make finding “This One Interior Designer” as easy as a swipe right.

The last time we checked there were not any dating apps for finding the perfect guy but if there are any app developers out there who need inspiration on the Next Big Tinder – give us at Ingenious Design a heads up!

Meanwhile, maybe these few pointers can help you in your search for the Right Interior Designer

Firstly, do your parents, and more importantly, HDB approve of him?

Maybe we have a weakness for bad boys, we want a little fun; a bit of a rule breaker if you will. But picking your interior designer is not the time to engage in rebels without causes. The interior design firm you choose has to follow the rules and be registered with the Housing Development Board.

Be it interior designing services for your brand new BTO or a renovation contractor breathe new life into a resale flat it is paramount that the firm is registered and approved by the HDB! Lest you risk getting into trouble – and not the fun kind.

Being registered does not just mean signing off on a contract, the interior design company has to have undergone training about the “dos” and “don’ts” of renovating public housing. To check if a firm is licensed, you can check out the official HDB site or we can save you the hassle and play cupid by recommending our knights in shining Armor at Ingenious Design & Furnishing by dropping us a call at 6366 8027 or leaving a cheeky note at ingenious2002@gmail.com.

Rule breakers might seem sexy until you find out that your ceilings falling apart and HDB comes knocking at your door. Save yourself the trouble and find a good guy like Ingenious Design!

What Does He Do? What is His Area of Expertise?

These are not just questions you get bombarded with at family gatherings, these are questions you should be asking yourself when you choose the right Interior Design Company in Singapore.

So maybe you were inspired by the bohemian villas of Canggu, perhaps you are more partial to the stylish chrome and glass home apartments a la New York City; it is always a good idea to have a certain idea of what kind of design you want, and then find a commercial interior design firm that specialises with your ideal aesthetic.

Some firms might be more experience and expertise in a particular kind of style, so it is important to shop around established interior design companies to find your perfect match!

It’s All About Chemistry! Chemistry! Chemistry!

So, you met the architect – sparks fly on your first meeting and you realize that he is everything that you have ever wanted! But wait, is there more? What about the contractors and the management team? You need to know if you will be talking to not just the design team but the interior design project management team.

The project management team, particularly the manager will be the one handling all the nitty gritty details like site-coordinators and making sure the entire project runs on schedule – make sure you speak to him regularly to get timely updates on the progress of your project. Maybe all that time you spend with the project manager might make you realize that it is him who is “the one” instead!

A little bird has told us that our project managers at Ingenious Design are some of the smoothest talkers who know how to not just sweep you off your feet but to catch you right where you want to with their personalized interior design solutions. Be prepared to get headboard over heels by leaving us a call at 6366 8027 or shoot us an email at ingenious2002@gmail.com to see it for yourself!

Spreading that Bed and Butter


Pillow talk? Nah boy! Put your money where your mouth is.

It is paramount to know how your chosen commercial interior design firm charges you for their renovation and interior design services. There are firms that charge upfront for designing and management fees, and others that do it project milestone by milestone varying the profits as the project progresses.

But a major deal breaker to look out for in any relationship with your contractor of choice is their keenness in waiving or absorbing all fees – at the end of the day, do not be too fooled by empty promises. All private firms are in it to win it; if they may seem a little too promising with the waiving those fees, it might be a red flag that their business is engaging in something fishy. Best not to get too involved.

It is therefore critical to choose an established interior design company where you know their practices are ethical and trusted.

Beating the Clock

We all like surprises from our significant others every once in a while, but when it comes to something as important as an overhaul of your home’s design – its best to leave the surprises for smaller ticket items instead. It is good practice to ask for a detailed project timeline for any major renovation projects that you choose to engage in. This allows you to not only ensure that the firm is on track with their promises but to prevent any unfortunate events like delays or a change of heart in furnishings or fixtures!

Ready to Say, “I Do”?

Now that you are well versed with knowing what to expect from your interior design prince charming – give our fellas at Ingenious Design & Furnishing a chance to sweep you off your feet and right into your stylish new modern home!

They are approved by HDB, established, and offer services from commercial interior design to tailored furnishing services for your new BTO! Essentially, the tall, dark, and handsome of the interior designer dating pool. Swipe right and give them a call at 6366 8027 or an email at ingenious2002@gmail.com

Please feel free to contact us should you fancy any of our project images- Done by us and can be done for you!