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At Ingenious, we specialise in a whole array of renovation works from homes to office to home offices. Our interior design project management team offers an on-site evaluation to all our potential clients with none of the unnecessary stress of having to commit – we like our work to do the talking for us! In addition, our interior design consultants are pen and paper ready to guide you in discovering the style that is organically yours as we believe in working with our clients every step of the way so that you feel a sense of identity with the finished project.

At Ingenious we like to start with the B.A.S.I.C.s

B – be Bold

Take the first step and contact us in empowering your new decision to renovate your own personal haven! We take pride in our promise of offering non-obligatory advice about everything from colours to carpets.

A – Art direction

Grab a coffee and sit down for a discussion on your requirements with our dedicated interior design consultants. In our Design Concept Development phase, you are given the freedom to throw out all and every idea you have about the design you would like your project to take and our consultants will work their artistic magic.

S – Seeing is believing

We will then showcase the goods with an on-site visit to draw up a spatial plan with visual presentations of the project to allow you to completely visualise your dream. A virtual shopping list and mood board will be available to make the material and colour scheme decisions even easier.

I – Ingenious

Ingenious Design will then hook you up with our trusted renovation firms to ensure that you receive the best rates for your furnishings. We have already done all the scouring for you, so just sit back and relax!

C – Completion

Here is the best bit! Our interior design project management team will walk with you along your yellow brick road of constructing your dream home from delivery to installation.

HDB interior design costs for a typical 4-room apartment can range widely. At Ingenious Design, we want our clients to come into our consultation without the restriction of a budget being their defining concern; do not be afraid to share with us your expectations for the cost and we will work our magic in making your vision a reality. Our primary focus in all our interior design services is creating a win-win situation that marries quality and satisfaction.

And as a little sweetener to boot, Ingenious Design runs promotions on…

A reliable interior design consultant will tell you to ideally keep within the budget and to set aside a little additional petty cash (usually 15% extra) to cover any unexpected costs. However, this is not always realistic for all clients and in some cases, the cost of a dream may involve the need to get a loan; either a renovation loan or a personal loan.

Renovation loans are a more economically efficient option in Singapore as they offer a 5% interest rate as opposed to personal loans which are about 12%. The crutch that comes with a renovation loan is the restrictions involved; for example, you may not be able to use your loan to fund purchases of furniture, and there usually a cap of $30,000.

The best course of action would be to communicate your finances with your interior designer in arranging the most cost-efficient way of financing your dream home!

Interior designers are not just trained artists, but advisors on everything from finance to finding your aesthetic identity. Although some may choose to go full grassroots and DIY their whole project, having the professional expertise and resources that a top-rated interior design firm in Singapore is tremendously beneficial in saving costs and maximizing time in the grand scheme of the project.

No two projects are the same hence it is proportional to the size and scope of your respective project. The bare bones of a simple design package of purchasing furnishing and fabrics for a bedroom may take up to three months. A kitchen remodel could take the same duration if there are not any major renovations to be executed. We recommend arranging a consultation with our Singapore interior designers for a personalized timeline of your proposed project.

You will have probably stumbled upon a celebrity’s kitchen or even inspiration from something you saw in a movie scene – having a robust collection of visuals will be of tremendous use when trying to capture the initial aesthetic of your project. We recommend creating either a physical or digital file of snippets and inspirations beforehand to help illustrate and communicate your thoughts with your interior designer.

Another quintessential factor to discuss with your project team is the budgeting and cost. The team at Ingenious Design recommends that our clients propose their budgets before deciding on a plan and calculating how much the project will cost. This will not only give you control over the process but allows the project management team to maximize and efficiently allocate our combined resources.

If our already colourful portfolio of projects is not enough to swing you to our camp, consider our company’s values in providing the best Singapore interior design packages to our clients; from the consultation to the moment we unveil your final product.

We strive to be your “go to” guys for everything related to design, from cosy residential projects to glamourous commercial office hubs. And we do not just leave our clients after we pack our last hammer;  our after sales support include aftercare, maintenance, and even industrial level cleaning of rugs! Nothing interior design related is out of our expertise.

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