Larger Than Life: the big idea on small rooms

Singaporeans are no stranger to the growing – and yes, pun intended –issue of the ever-shrinking home space. As rooms get smaller, and the prices of homes higher, prospective homeowners looking to purchase property will find themselves in a conundrum to sacrifice either space, location, or the convenience of a new property.

Manipulating the size of a house might seem like metaphysical magic but our best interior designers are letting you in on a few tricks of the trade when it comes to turning your living room larger than life! With a couple of strategic choices in furnishings and a little elbow grease – you will be finding new found places in your home that you once thought you knew like the back of your hand.

Here are lucky eight lucky magic spells from the Ingenious Design book of moving magic to cast for your next renovation adventure:

1.Seeing the Glass Half Full

Making a space seem loftier is really all about letting in as much natural light as possible to brighten up your room! Choosing glass or Lucite furniture allows not only for light to pass through but to expose more visual floor space.

There is nothing more decadent yet simplistic as a clear glass statement coffee table in any living room situation.

2.Smoke and Mirrors

Replacing a wall with a full-length mirror panel not only creates the illusion of an endless room but it multi-functions as a personal runway to check out your outfit right before you leave the house. Mirrors not only act as an optical illusion but serve as light reflectors to maximise absolute illumination in any room.

You just have to be careful of walking headfirst into the mirror wall!

3.Pastel Perfect

Although dark colours can turn a room into a cosy little enclave, it might also backfire by making it feel claustrophobic. Dark colours absorb light and make the room feel physically much smaller than it is.

Instead, our interior design team recommends pastel shades of neutral creams to best evoke an airy and spacious vibe by brightening up the room.

4.Mind the Gap

Here is a lesser known trick of the trade – leave a little bit of a gap between the wall and your furniture! Trust us, it will work wonders in opening up space in the room. And if you are “kiasu” like me and you feel the need to save every last square inch of space, our team of top interior designers know exactly how to fit shelves and brackets for your home accents!

Those little shelves work as handy little ledges for remotes and decorative succulents.

5.Setting Your Sights High

Placing certain fixtures like a lit coffered ceiling fixture illuminates like a skylight feature which creates an elevated feeling to whichever room you enter.

And if the lighting is not your thing, our interior design service consultants recommend fixing shelves near the ceiling as it works in a similar fashion by drawing attention to the vertical dimensions of the room.

6.The Floor is Lava!

On the topic of ceiling shelves, another great pointer is to keep your floor as free of furniture as possible. Opting for furniture with exposed legs and minimal floor décor are a way to allow light to “open up” space in your room.

The trick is to leave as much open floor as possible – which is a double win because it makes vacuuming so much easier. As homeowners too, this has saved us so many hours on housework!

7.Earn Your Stripes

A really cool optical illusion we tend to gloss over when we think of interior design is using stripes on the flooring. Like how a vertically striped dress elongates and flatters your body, a striped rug or carpet can really elongate your perception of the room and make it visually larger than it really is.

It does not always have to be the classic Jailhouse Rock black and white – opting for cooler colours like blues and greens work amazingly in making a room feel cooler and breezier!

8.Let There Be Light

Single overhead lights tend to concentrate one’s visual perception into a single central location in a room whereas having multiple locations spreads out our view of the room making it seem a lot larger than it really is! Tremendously useful for living areas where guests are hosted.

Although it is easier to install a single harsh overhead light, our trusted renovators at Ingenious Design will go the extra mile to install lighting fixtures in multiple strategic spots around the space to draw attention to the wide area of a room. Just a little hint right there!

Little Spaces with Big Ideas

At Ingenious Design, our philosophy will always be about maximizing the most out of what is given to us; be it space, budget, or client satisfaction!

For more bespoke tips on how to turn your HDB into an H D Big, give us a ring at 6366 8027 or an email at ingenious2002@gmail.com and for a consultation with our team of top rated interior design project managers!