Manners Maketh Man, but Office Maketh Job

Singaporeans spend almost 45 hours a week at our offices – that’s almost two WHOLE consecutive days spent at work. And no matter how much you love the work you do – it is, and will always be work. But we have the choice to turn our not so dream jobs into the next best thing: with designing our dream offices! As a wise man once said, “manners maketh man”, the wiser fellas at Ingenious Design believe that the “office maketh job as much as the work itself”!

Home sweet office?

The idea of an office is a constantly shifting notion in a modern hub like Singapore – from the absolute consummate professionalism of the cubicles and chrome of global corporations to the more cosy homes away from homes styles that we see in start-ups.

The conundrum regarding office design is finding the nirvana between the professional atmosphere of a workplace, yet creating an environment that encourages community and positivity.

The key is in knowing the differences between residential interior design services and the more business-centric commercial interior designers.

Residential interior design is your go-to when you are looking at renovating your swanky new apartment or re-hauling your childhood bedroom into something edgier. Commercial interior designing is all of that and a lot more – imagine your bedroom, but on steroids.

A whole commercial bank on the 74th floor of Shenton Way, the interior of a shopping centre, to even a theme park; these are the works of commercial interior designers!

Some interior designers specialise in these larger tier projects in the commercial sector like office renovations, others enjoy the intimacy and creativity of personally working with an individual on creating their dream crib – whatever your needs may be, it is important to know the differences between commercial and residential interior design services in order to find the right firm to work with!

You have got the “What” down, “Who” do you go to?

Like the four walls of an office, we have four pointers for you to check against when you are scouring the internet for the perfect “who”:


This should be one of the first defining aspects when you pick your commercial interior design firm in Singapore. Their finished projects should immediately catch your eye and pique your interest in knowing more about the firm and their work.



A pretty portfolio would be nothing if the firm does not have a history and track record of successful projects and satisfied clients. Your interior design project management team should have the experience and knowledge of working with projects of a similar vein to yours, and the necessary expertise for the obstacles that might occur during such projects.


This is where you, the client, begin to narrow down your options and find the most feasible firm that fits your budget. Money talks, so it is important that you are able to communicate your cost plan with your interior design service consultant for the best results between both parties.


As mentioned in #3, communication is key when it comes to negotiation, ideation, and planning. You should feel comfortable honestly communicating with your chosen firm about the project at hand.

For art’s sake!

Designing an office space is not just about shifting desks and tables – it is an art in itself! Variables like colours, furnishings, and open spaces have to be strategically manipulated for the best results.

Colour Palettes

Neutral colours are best to evoke an image of executive professionalism, while bright vivid colours encourage creativity and fun. Good things come in threes, so like your colour scheme, talk to your interior design consultant on three complementary colours to work the basis of your office theme on!

Fixtures and Furniture

Less is more when it comes to layouts as too many fixtures ruin the broth – modern furniture is a great option due to its versatility in use. But if you would like to shape your office into something a little plusher, choosing leather finished chairs and classic hardwood tables are a classic yet luxurious option!

Open Spaces

A current trend in modern office interior design is the concept of roaming spaces to encourage freedom and flexibility. Most office spaces would have certain architectural limitations, so we recommend speaking to an interior design project management team when it comes to more complex renovation work like knocking down walls and adding more windows.


Being knee deep in wires on a nine to five basis every weekday makes us forget the sheer necessity of technology in our daily work tasks; hence we encourage our design team to incorporate the use of technology in their designs to help our clients maximise the productivity of their teams. At Ingenious Design, we encourage clients to consider docking stations and big screen display to not only encourage productivity but to give the office a modern and up to date feel.

As we quote the ol’ Ingenious Design adage that “the office maketh work”, it is paramount to remember how much our things like layout and lighting have a massive influence on your workers productivity, inclusivity, and to evoke a sense of company culture – all factors that should not be overlooked in the pursuit of creating your dream office.

Dream work makes the teamwork

Ingenious Design offers interior design packages in Singapore that are organically derived and tailored to the kind of office style and image that your company dreams to create. If you would like to know more about how our team of artisans and creatives can turn your workspace into your dream job give us a call at 6366 8027 or an email at ingenious2002@gmail.com for a free consultation on making the dream work for you!

Please feel free to contact us should you fancy any of our project images- Done by us and can be done for you!