Penny wise, pounds wiser: Constructing an interior design budget

Wouldn’t it be nice if somehow getting quotes from interior design companies in Singapore were as simple and discreet as checking if there’s a Grab surcharge, or even looking at the price tag while you shop online?

Money talks but talking about money can get pretty awkward – especially if it involves negotiations and high stakes like a whole renovation overhaul. As an established interior design firm that has seen an array of customers, we know where you are coming from. And we got you – so do not worry!

Before going into any high-stakes project, it is wise to read up and gather your bearings about the direction and cost in which your project will undergo. This not only helps you take charge of your project, but it also shows the team you are working with that you really know your stuff – tremendously useful when having to deal with uncomfortable situations like negotiating a better price for your project.

You have your mood boards and Pinterest pictures down to a T and you are ready to bring your baby to life – only to be completely blindsided when your interior design project management team asks you for your projected budget. What do you say?

Here is a guide on the cost of interior design and renovation in Singapore

Down to a Fine Art

Interior design is not just about pushing a couple of tables and chairs and calling it a day – it is an art form that marries aesthetic with domestic. A top-rated interior design firm is not just about designing beautiful living spaces, it involves:

  • Consultations and advice on your prospective design
  • Drafting sketches to aid in the visualisation of your ideas
  • 3D-Rendering of your design model
  • Expert advice on fixtures and fittings
  • Project management

Design or professional fees included in the total cost of an interior design project in Singapore ranges from $1,500 to $6,000 for apartment units which includes consultation about the budget, design, and requirements of the project.

Although some might think to spend a couple of thousands for “creative vision”; consider the interior design firm you engage with for their services as a one-shot pit stop for all your home design needs – which will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to handling the logistics as well as finding trusted contractors and renovators.

Size Matters

Forget what they say in Cosmopolitan, size does matter when it comes to interior design services. The primary thing that really makes or breaks your budget would be the size and scale of your project. Is it just a new bedroom? Or an entire new BTO? The size of the project will determine the numbers of manhours require, the intensity of construction that needs to be done, and the number of materials which will be used.

Partial interior design projects in Singapore like renovating your bedroom can cost around $15,000 to a full-scale home renovation project going up to $20,000 in total.

Acting Your Age

Generally, the cost of a HDB interior design package in Singapore is also determined by the age of the house; with newer flats generally on the lower end of the $10,000 scale as unlike an older apartment which would cost on the higher end at $15,000, fewer man-hours and materials are needed to turn a new flat into a forever home.

Lofty Ambitions

The scope of the project refers to the degree and intensity of work to be done – from smaller scale paint jobs, called “mid-range projects”; to massive construction works, referred to as “major projects”, that involve knocking down walls. Midrange projects would cost far less than their major projects.

These terms are useful to note when discussing the cost of the proposed design, it will also impress us, interior designers, as you are a client that has done their homework!

‘Cause We are Living in a Material World

The materials you choose for the finishes and fittings are what truly make the aesthetic of your home come to life – but it may also cost an arm and a leg! Luxury materials like rosewood and marble will cost a much prettier penny compared to their less opulent substitutes like granite and pine.

Although cost is one defining factor when it comes to interior design, a trusted interior design and renovation firm in Singapore will be able to advise you on the most suitable option depending on your price. In some instances, we would counsel our clients to not invest in certain fixtures due to their durability and value for money. At Ingenious Design, we want you to invest in not only just the renovation of a place but in the creation of a safe haven you want to call home.

After all, it is our job to be your interior design service consultants!

But I Need to Know More!

Whatever your query may be about: be it cost, financing, or expenses – the team at Ingenious Design is here to be your consultant on all facets of designing your dream space on your budget.

If you would like a more detailed quote on a design project you have in mind, give us a call at 6366 8027 or an email at ingenious2002@gmail.com and tell us how you would like your coffee for a consultation with our team of top rated interior design project managers!

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